Kilauea- Work in Progress

I have 3 paintings that are in progress right now, and only time to photograph one of them this morning before I head to the bakery.

This is Kilauea, and I’m getting close. I still have to add features to the sky (read clouds) and now is the time to tweak what I need to tweak. As part of that, here is the painting in color, and another copy as a tonal picture:

My goal in looking at the black and white picture is to not be distracted by the color. Does the painting flow? Is there enough contrast to be interesting?

7 thoughts on “Kilauea- Work in Progress

  1. Thank you, the holidays got away with me this year. I’ll be posting more very soon!

  2. Thank you!

  3. One of my favorite blogs to go to is called I think the blog is on blogspot as well. He has amazing articles. The artist is James Gurney

  4. I’ll check them out. Thank you!

  5. I agree, and it is usually at the end of the journey that the smallest thing makes the biggest difference.

  6. Hi there, sure! If you could link back to my blog, that would be wonderful.

  7. Thank you.

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