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Drawing Class Lesson 8

I’ve been working on this drawing for three weeks now.  Every one of us is in the same boat, sight-sizing a drawing from a plaster cast.  Finally, this week, I felt comfortable enough with my measurements to put in some … Continue reading

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Babies for Springtime anyone?

I thought you folks would like to see something other than black and white drawings.  Here’s what I’m working on now, I call it Turtle Twins as a working title.   I’m working in Acrylics once more.  I found this amazing … Continue reading

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Figure Drawing Workshop with Rod Cameron

Rod Cameron Workshop, March 2, 2019   One of Rod’s sketches, illustrating Bridgeman’s use of stacked boxes, and a gesture/mass drawing.  His favorite resource is Bridgeman, and you can tell from the blocks above.  (For additional information please check out … Continue reading

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New Paintings in Progress! Baby Turtles.

  I seem to be enjoying the multiple painting thing.  Here’s what I managed so far today:       This is a bit of a challenge because I’m doing it in Acrylics.  I wanted to use a glass gel … Continue reading

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